Friday, July 4, 2008

Continuation with the experiment.

July 1, 2008 So I duplicated my best shave, and  now it was time to duplicate the worst shave... well sorta.  I duplicated the variables of the worst shave (1 day growth, 1 day old Gillette, shower...) except I am using the go to cream Proraso instead of soap.  First pass nick a bump on my neck, totally my own fault, face done, 4 passes no problems, neck done, 4 passes no real problems.  Noticing hair growth patterns much more, right outermost edge of hair growth goes opposite direction, quick touch up (eh its small area I don't need any more lather) ok its smooth now, damn, razor burn!  Well except for my own stupidity, I duplicated my worst shave with a different lather and it worked great.  I am sensing a shave soap sale coming soon, unless the Mrs. likes it.

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