Saturday, July 5, 2008

Im foolish, lets try the feathers!

So I had a fine 2 pass shave last night, but I'm heading out this morning... do I need to shave, no, do I want to shave, yeah.  So Im getting ready to hop in the shower, load up the HD with a fresh Gillette blade and then think "better" of it.  Lets try the feathers.  I unload the Gillette and open up he feathers blades.  Lock and loaded, head into the shower.  SOP pre, wait, lather, wait, lets shave!  Then the strangest thing happened, I guess I forgot to put a blade in the razor!  There is no resistance, no sound, no nothing, just smooth metal gliding over my cheeks.  Ok I lied that wast the strangest thing, but what was the strangest thing is that my whiskers were just falling off my face.  The slightest touch of the rounded razor head just made the hairs fall out of my skin!  That or maybe the Feathers are as sharp as everyone says they are...  These blades just gave me the most amazing shave!  I expected razor rash no matter what blade I used because I just shaved last night, I did a full 4 pass shave and feel great.  Great Im going to be walking around in public faceturbating embarrassing my wife...  Life is good.

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