Thursday, July 10, 2008

Well I did it! First shave with a straight

So I got my first straight razor in the mail yesterday from Bill Ellis.  A very nice and clean Electric Brand straight (I love the irony in the name) with black plastic scales.  I don't think the razor is quite shave ready, as I could not get it to pass a hanging hair test.  Im sure all it really needs is a good stropping, but my Tony Miller apprentice stop hasn't shown up yet.  I wanted to try the razor out yesterday when it showed up, but my neck felt so raw after yesterdays horrible shave.  This morning I just had to try it out, my neck is still a bit tender but I didn't plan on going for a BBS shave my first time go 'round with a str8. I read that you can do a half way decent stropping on a belt.  I found a nice smooth belt in the closet and heard the zip zip of the blade. 
I had a nice hot shower, and then lathered up with Proraso.  This is where I ran into problems, how do I hold this thing?  What felt like a natural way of holding the blade did not lend itself well to seeing my face in the mirror.  Once I figured out what SHOULD work for me I started in.  Wow this thing is loud!  I could hear it cutting the hairs over the running water in the sink!  I shaved one cheek, then fumbled around trying to figure out how to hold the razor in the other hand, and shaved my other cheek.  As I go to shave my chin (not up to trying the neck yet) I smack my chin with the blade, I feel heat, "Oh boy this is not going to be good..."  I shave my chin and nothing too bad.  The little cut is bleeding, but I don't think I need to call 911 yet.  So I finish my first pass (face only no neck) and thought that it went much easier and faster than I expected.  I seriously thought of just cleaning up and calling it a day.... but again it went too easy, "Lather up!"  Because I was more worried about cutting off a slab of cheek, and getting used to holding the razor in both hands, I have no idea what order I did WTG XTG or ATG...  but I don't really care either at this point.  I went for a second pass, and ventured into neck shaving, not too bad!  I was shaving my chin for the second time and I got an honest nic, not just being stupid and hitting myself, but a nic I can be proud of.  I ended up doing 3 passes (probably closer to 1.5 passes with all the spots I missed) and I don't think I ended up with that bad of a shave.  I am not BBS, I have a nice little slice on my chin with a mini me nick just below it and I found the slightest nic just below my right ear.  The little weepers disappeared after a cool splash, the slice on the other hand.... pressure, blood, pain stick (styptic pencil), blood, ice cube, blood, more ice cube and scrubbing the pain stick into the slice, a little less blood, nice big chunk of TP, I think I've stopped the blood.

Will there be a day of faceturbation? Not today.  Will I shave with a straight again? Not today. Will I shave with a straight tomorrow? Absolutely  Will I throw out my Merkur DE? Absolutely not.

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Stephen Roberts said...

Traditional shaving using the straight razors or double edge razors means giving myself time to unwind. I could say that, most of the time, I get my wonderful ideas while shaving.