Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So I did 3 days of shaving with my feather, all is well.  I was going to replace it with another feather, but I have a brand new Gillette laying open (the one that was replaced with the feather).  I didn't want a bare blade just laying around so I figured I would just go ahead and use it up. First days shave was with Classic Lavender, had a fine shave, but now that I am gaining some experience Im a little disappointed with the lack of lather. Today was the second shave on this blade.  Back to Proraso and had what felt like a fine shave.  Spent a little extra time on my throat trying to get a better shave.  It seems my whiskers are still changing directions, at least they are no longer getting coarser.  I started off with the whiskers on my neck all growing from left to right, now I have a spot on the ride side of my neck that grow down, and at the very edge of my neck they grow right.  All felt good and gentle.  I rinsed in cool water and walked back to the library to put my stuff away, last night I picked up a bottle of which hazel (they didn't sell lavender scent) and tried a splash.  I then looked in the mirror and noticed that my neck looked like ground beef!  Wow thats a lot of little bloody spots.  I pulled out my (now broken) styptic pencil and decided wetting the end wont work, I have to turn the sucker side ways and use the whole side and paint my neck.  Even though the pencil is broken in two, it can still bring the pain!  Hopefully my neck will clear up here real soon before I have to head out.

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