Friday, July 4, 2008

Continuation with the experiment.

Well after all this research and reading on straight razors and strops, I decided to finally (6pm) hop in the shower and have a shave.  Hoping for 3 perfect shaves in a row.  Lather up and start with the first pass, whoa! I can feel the blade, it is getting dull.  For optimum results, Gillette blades must be limited to 2 uses.  I did 2 quick passes, and walked away with a fine shave.  Todays shave is at LEAST as good as any I ever got from the Mock3, if not better.  Yup I think I have this wet shaving thing down.  I am starting to see a wear spot on the back of my Proraso tube, I sill have more than enough to last a while, but I think I will have to look into ordering a few of the big tubes online pretty soon.

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